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NJHB Live Session at HairyLarryLand on December 29, 2012


Matt Jackson

Now I have been involved in some very productive sessions before. At the "Collaborators" session we laid down the rhythm tracks for nine songs in three hours. Recording "Lil Sonny Boy Hisself" everything except my overdubs was recorded in two short sessions. This happens if you are working with fine musicians and you get lucky.

But I didn't even think we were making a CD at this session. We were just recording some of my songs while we ran through them the week before our first gig. It was a first read for everyone except Zif and me. And we had never played together as a band. Drums, bass, guitar, tenor, trumpet and piano. You do the math.

So when we got a 54 minute CD out of a two hour session I was very happily surprised. Very happily surprised to say the least.

And not only that I got some good pics on Vivian's little Canon snapshot camera.

by Hairy Larry

Photos by Larry Heyl

Photo of Hairy Larry by Matt Jackson


Cody Ballard and Joseph Curtis


Hairy Larry


Mike "Zif" Lovell


Garrett Tyler

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