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NJHB at New Jazz In Jonesboro, January 5, 2013 at TheArts@311


Chris Dyson

I was privileged to catch the first live performance of NJHB on January 5 at TheArts@311. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I had heard the “Circular Logic” CD several times and knew that it wouldn't be just a standard jazz performance.

The performers are all individually talented musicians but this was the first time that all of them had played together. To my surprise they had an immediate camaraderie that delighted the audience. Hearing how well they played together for the first time impressed me, but what made it unforgettable was seeing the joy on the faces of the musicians. They were having fun and it was apparent in their music.

by Vivian Heyl

Click on Music to hear the "Bella's Blues" CD recorded at this show.

Photos by Robin Gasaway


Chris Dyson, Carl Abraham, Mike "Zif" Lovell and Billy Beebe


Mike "Zif" Lovell playing guitar


NJHB - Set 2


Alex Pavan


Matt Jackson and Carl Abraham


NJHB - Set 1


Carl Abraham


Matt Jackson, Carl Abraham and Joseph Curtis

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