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New Jazz In Jonesboro on July 6, 2013


The Piper by Emily Dewbre-Young

NJHB - New Jazz In Jonesboro
On July 6, 2013
At TheArtsAt311 in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Song list

01 Monkey Walk
02 Malaysia
03 Working, P.M.
04 Cookin' For Piper
05 Love's Lament
06 Colossus

Songs by Larry Heyl except
Working, P.M. by Joseph Curtis
Cookin' For Piper by Matt Jackson


Hairy Larry - piano, harmonica, vocals, percussion
Mike "Zif" Lovell - guitar
David Shade - guitar
Matt Jackson - bass
Joseph Curtis - trumpet
Cody Ballard - tenor sax
James Carvell - percussion on 3-6
Deanna Lustre - vocals from the audience and in song review on 6

Sound - Vivian Heyl

Photos by Robin Gasaway.
CD cover art "Euterpe" by Emily Dewbre-Young. PrimalAspects.com


Joseph Cody Matt David Larry Zif


Cody Ballard


James Carvell


Cookin For Piper CD Art


Cookin For Piper Liner Notes



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