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NJHB on November 08, 2013



Larry Heyl - Senior Recital
ASU Fine Arts Recital Hall
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Friday, November 8

01 Promises
02 Forever
03 Love's Lament
04 Twin Stars
05 Bop Soup
06 Dirk
07 Colossus
08 Harpo's Horn
09 Blue Berrypie
10 Freddy's Blues


Hairy Larry and George
"Forever" with Tyler Worsham, piano
"Love's Lament" with Don Bowyer, trombone
"Twin Stars" with Pershauna Johnson, alto flute

Brian Henkelmann
"Bop Soup"
"Dirk" - Dirk's Dream, Dirk's Dirge, Dirk's Dance


"Harpo's Horn"
"Blue Berrypie"
"Freddy's Blues"

Suzanne Michell - vocals
Addison Boling - drums
Matt Jackson - bass
Jay Shepherd - guitar
Don Bowyer - trombone
Joseph Curtis - trumpet
Cody Ballard - tenor sax
Hairy Larry - piano, harmonica, vocals
Matt Bounds - bass on "Freddy's Blues"
Fred Wilson - narration on "Freddy's Blues"

Thanks to:
Daniel Tacke - my composition instructor
Vivian Heyl - Sound
Matt Bounds - Stage Manager

All songs by Larry Heyl

Recorded to my Zoom H4 using a spaced pair of EV PL9 microphones.

Photos by Megan Heyl and Gretchen Hunt

All songs CC-BY


George Larry


Suzanne Jay Larry


Bop Soup Cover Art


Bop Soup Liner Notes

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