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New Jazz In Jonesboro on October 13, 2018



Knocking Boots
New Jazz House Band
New Jazz In Jonesboro
October 13, 2018
Jonesboro Public Library
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Song list

01 Low Earth Orbit
02 Sweatshirt
03 Knocking Boots
04 Breezes


Al Clevenger - vibes
Spencer Rawlins - bass
Alex Washam - drums (1 and 4)
Chris Issom - drums (1)
Sean Cunningham - drums (2 and 3) and vocals (4)
Hairy Larry - piano and vocals

Photos by Vivian Heyl
Cover art by Gustavo Rezende, public domain

hll-1044 hairylarryland.com

Recorded to my Zoom H6 with the midside mic attached.

Thanks to the Jonesboro Public Library for making the Round Room available and to the musicians and the audience for making this a successful event.


Sean Drumming


Spencer Al Alex


Spencer Sean Larry




Larry Dancing


Al Spencer


Hairy Larry


CD Cover Art


CD Liner Notes

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