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New Jazz In Jonesboro on November 10, 2018


Cody Ballard on tenor sax

It was a great night for jazz in the Round Room at the Jonesboro Public Library.

Bebop Beatniks kicked things off with four new songs. Then Cody Ballard joined the group to play "Lady Bird" and "Stella By Starlight".

After a break NJHB took the stage for their unique take on contemporary jazz.

Featuring horn players:
Gabe Waters - bass clarinet
Tyler Remagen - tenor sax
Jon Vickers - alto sax
Cody Ballard - tenor sax

And the rhythm section:
Spencer Rawlins - bass
Alex Washam - drums
Hairy Larry - piano

Having an appreciative audience didn't hurt at all. Thanks to the public library for making this space available for New Jazz In Jonesboro.

You can listen to the NJHB recordings here.

NJHB - November 10, 2018

Photos by Vivian Heyl.


Hairy Larry, Tyler, Spencer, Jon, and Alex playing at New Jazz In Jonesboro


Gabe and Alex


Spencer on upright bass and Gabe on bass clarinet


Sax Attack


Spencer Rawlins on bass


Hairy Larry on the grand piano


Gabe Waters on bass

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