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New Jazz In Jonesboro on February 9, 2018


Gabe Waters

February 9, 2019
Jonesboro Public Library Round Room
Jonesboro, Arkansas

01. Pixellation by Larry Heyl
02. Neo Soul Jam # 1 by Joseph Curtis
03. Nichessa Intro
04. Nichessa by Larry Heyl

Joseph Curtis – trumpet
Dean MacDonald – tenor sax
Chase Hoots – alto sax
Gabe Waters – bass
Chris Isom – drums
Jeremy Jackson – guitar
Hairy Larry – piano, vocal percussion, vocals

Cover art by Virginia Frances Sterrett, public domain
Photos by Vivian Heyl

HairyLarryLand hll-1048

Recorded to my Zoom H6 using the midside mics attached.
Audio post production done in Audacity and SAW Classic. Then flac --best.

Thanks to the Jonesboro Public Library for the use of the Round Room for the New Jazz In Jonesboro concerts.


Joseph Chase Dean


Chris Isom


Chase and Dean


Jeremy Jackson


Larry At Baldwin Grand


CD Cover Art


CD Liner Notes

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