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New Jazz In Jonesboro on September 14, 2019


Chris Alex Sophie

April 13, 2019
Jonesboro Public Library Round Room
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Song List

01 Coincidentally
02 Treehouse
03 Sheltered


Suzanne Michell - vocals, kazoo
Anna Rougeau - trumpet
Abby Mead - trumpet
Chase Hoots - alto sax
Ethan Scurlock - bari sax
Gabe Waters - bass
Chris Isom - drums
Hairy Larry - piano, harmonica, vocals

Treehouse Lyrics
Improvised lyrics transcription.

Scatting with Suzanne

What? (Chris)

Yeah, it'd be something like that.
Kinda like that, I forgot my hat.
But I don't know where to go
Without my hat.
Without my hat.
I did three jobs like these
Driving me crazy da deet ta deet ta DnD now
I didn't even worry, I didn't even see how.

Scat break with Suzanne.
Bari and Suzanne

Me and my kitty cat.

Suzanne and horns

Cover art - Tree house sculpture by Steve Blanchard.

Photos by Vivian Heyl


Larry Beatbox Joseph Cody


Selah Winn


Sophie Hacker


Chase Hoots


Chris Isom On Drums


Gabe Waters Bass


Hairy Larry Playing Piano


Jeremy Jackson


Larry Dancing Gabe Alex

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